Plymouth Philharmonic Choir

Exciting summer concert at Plymouth Guildhall on Sunday 1st July. Choir performing Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast – Coleridge Taylor, Hymn Of Praise – Mendelssohn and Dances Of Time – Bob Chilcott. The Holiday Choir will be leaving Plymouth on Thursday 26th July and heading to Birmingham where they will be giving two concerts in Bromsgrove and […]

Working on at present

Splendid Publications are interested in a bereavement book that I self published several years ago. At the time I was in a hurry to get it printed for a deserving friend and gave little thought to presentation. Since then, and before sending it to my publisher, I’ve paid more attention to format, and concentrated on […]

Light relief

‘No Strings,’ is still crying out to be edited. In fact part of it is crying out to find its way onto the computer, which is where I always do a mass editing! It’s even further down on my list than ‘Seasons,’ However, one day… I’d still love to get the sitcom ‘Inside Your Head,’ […]


Whatever the time of the year, it’s  busy these days. It would be great if there were thirty hours in a day, but I don’t think it would catch on, especially as nobody picked up on my idea of having winter time beginning at the end of November and changing again the last week of February. […]

Hospital Radio

I joined Hospital Radio in 1996. It came about after I’d been on Radio Devon for two and a half years performing poetry and monologues “what I wrote” on the Janet Kipling afternoon show. It was great fun doing a variety of characters: Jo Bloggs, a political guru, Elsie Templeman,a geriatric nymphomaniac, Magnolia Ponsonby-Green, a […]


The Plymouth Phiharmonic Holiday Choir sang in Brest at the end of July. It was a most successful trip and very well organised. We sang at two venues, the audience at each was most appreciative, giving us a standing ovation. Having recently returned from France on the choir trip, the next venture will be to […]

My Blog

“Seasons” has been completed but requires further editing;a sequel will be forthcoming eventually. Meanwhile the exciting news is that “The Old Fart’s Guide to Survival” has been accepted and published by Splendid Publications. It came out in time to catch the Christmas market and is still selling well. It is available directly from the publisher, […]

Swanwick Writers’ Summer School

Every year is a reunion where you meet old friends and make new. It’s great to catch up on the news and talk books with everyone who has the same interest. I’m looking forward to returning on August 12th. Watch this space! The many courses look very interesting, it is difficult to make a choice of […]